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Trusted this scam artist of claiming he can sell me 1000 units of iPad minis. Sent the money to this clown to some pre-paid card account, for he claims it was a new account he was trying.

Instead, I find out through another source that this guy has other people looking for him for money, including the sheriff department. He lost several civil court cases in the past and is trying to evade all those innocent people.

If you see or ever do business with this guy, do so at your own risk. His name is Matt Baker or Flint Hill Management.

This company may be a scam too. Dont trust him or the company. Matt Baker and Flint Hill Management are BOTH SCAMMING BUSINESSES. NO GOOD!

DO NOT TRUST THEM! If you need any info on this guy, email

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1272006

Ignore all the haters, they don't know anythin! I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you at a great price! Payment will be in the form of Walmart gift cards ...

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #956838

"Sent the money to this clown to some pre-paid card account,"

If that doesn't raise a red flag..., I don't know what does.


You know what im sick and tired of seeing this everywhere about its the victims fault. No its not the victims fault because some cheesy sline bucket duped them out of a bunch of money.

Actually its usually the fault of whichever state attorney generals office has jurisdiction. Most state attorney generals offices WILL NOT get involved unless damages in a single case amount to $250000. Which as i always say plainly states that protection under certain laws is only afforded if you are rich. Just one time id love to hear face to face some republican punk telling the victim of a scam its their fault so they deserve it.

Probably say the same thing about minors that were preyed on by sexual predators too huh.

To the victim in this case. No its not your fault.

to Anonymous #922878

I just stumbled across this page and decided to ask about your silly republican statement. What does that even have to do with this situation?

Just proves how uneducated you are. Learn how to spell. You're so ignorant and sad. Your entire comment makes no sense.

Its clearly just a pile of garbage typed by some poor, bitter, drug addict.

I can't believe people like you are allowed to vote.

to Anonymous #1016534

Uneducated? You used ignorant in the wrong context.

Ignorant means not knowing. Now *** on the other hand means foolish acts despite knowledge of potential outcomes and consequences. As far as their spelling is concerned who are you spell checker now? Who are you to call someone else uneducated based on an opinion.

Lets see you said the person that made the comment was poor, bitter'l, and a drug addict. Oh heres my favroite part you said "clearly" like wothout a shadow of a doubt you know this to be true.

Well if you knew this person so well wtf would you even ask about there statement. So what have we learned seems to me you shouldnt call others uneducated if your rhetoric and logic is the pot calling the kettle black.

Los Angeles, California, United States #869439

Tried to put a comment on here earlier they didn't let me I guess. @bulletproofjack, the groups called Victims Against Matt Baker, or VAMB.

Just Google it @screwedoverbroker. Come seek the help you deserve, man.


@Bulletproofjack, the organization's called Victims Against Matt Baker, or VAMB for short. I am an avid supporter and they consist of supporters and victims.

@screwedoverbroker, maybe check us out and seek the justice you think you deserve man. They can help!


He got a smokin hot gal, though. I wunder if she she'll still wanna be with him once he's in prison get his pipes plowed

Gurl, u betts call me (wink)! Lol

to Bulletproofjack #908271

Ew, she looks like she got smashed in the face with the ugly train.

to Anonymous Hayward, California, United States #1026227

I know I'm not the only one who sees how hurt that girl is. Someone needs to "deal" with this dude if you "know what I mean".


A month ago, I would have agreed with you, dude. Who would trust anyone with that much money for iPads like that?!

But, people actually do this for a living...and it's totally legit. But there are people like this arsehole Baker and other *** artists out there that take advantage of a potentially rewarding industry.

And this is not the only person baker did this too. You may want to google hit name and picture and find out what I'm talking about.

He's all over the internet.

And they're is (I kid you not) a group that's name after him and talk about this guys scams. I think it's called victims against baker, or something like that dude.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #795720

lol so some guy claims he can get you 1000 ipad minis and you gave him the $$$ without seeing any product? i'm sorry but this is such an obvious *** that it is YOUR fault for falling for it.

to notgivingit #869462

That's not what he said, notgivingit. The victim claimed that he trusted a rep of a company to provide him product they promoted they could facilitate and provide, but that he did not receive.

This wasn't some dude on a street corner. But once the transaction was complete, he was told by others the rep had some really bad history.

It seems you are a victim yourself, and somehow learned your lesson the hard way, otherwise you wouldn't be on a site like this calling yourself 'notgivingit'. Since you are a victim, try showing a bit of respect and support for those who you'd walked on similar circles.

What if you got the same response when you was scammed, "it's certainly YOUR fault for falling for it!" ?!

And don't tell me you wouldn't be offended, because you would!

to Amandanobull #1009999

I wonder if the "victim" did any bit of research on this company before she/he paid for 1000 iPads. My bet is that this person did NO research on the "company".

Notgivingit probably wouldn't be offended because he wouldn't put himself in that position.

He would probably research the company, demand to see the full inventory, and then pay using a secure method.

Your illiteracy to the real world put you in this situation. This is what happens when you lack critical thinking skills.

to notgivingit #990339

I agree with amandanobull. Yes, some victims are at fault but that is usually when they chose to NOT learn from their mistakes.

Not every victim is at fault.

It is not like this person went up to some dude on the street with a jacket full of "the good stuff" on the inside.

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